James Blackburn
Mon 3 Aug 2009 12:08


28 July 2009    50:34.1914N    002:26.4693W


Lots of traffic until 2.30am, and once North of the main shipping lanes, there were more fishing vessels which are often confusing as you can see a green or red light before you can tell whether its over a white one (fishing vessel) and you start working out whether it’s a boat on starboard or port coming at you…..


Passed Eddystone Lighthouse, then Start Point at 11.30am on the way to buzzing Deborah’s parents Iain and Shirley who live nearby at Stokenham. We arranged to sail opposite the memorial at Torcross, & of course we went to wrong place, so they only saw us in the distance. Then straight to Portland, a bit of a short cut through the Race which was fun, and tied up at Portland Marina at 9.00pm. Fiona (Deborah’s sister) & Danny very kindly drove our car all the way to Portland, but had to return to Ramsbury before we docked. Home to dry beds!