New Richard

James Blackburn
Wed 22 Sep 2010 12:13

Wednesday 22 September 2010    43:13.13N   09:13.31W


Crew Joined:  Richard Baker


Spent Monday visiting Santiago de Compostela (twinned with Buenos Aires, I notice) – amazing train service from La Coruña, great lunch (fish) in Stgo, loads of pilgrims doing the Xacobeo 2010 (St James pilgrimage) who had bought wooden staffs (staves?) with a seashell tied on. Less tourists I’m sure than in mid summer, but there was still a queue to enter the cathedral to see St James’ shrine. Walked a lot, including two long stretches in La C. On the boat watched a DVD (The Boat that Rocked), probably left a light or two on, and woke up to a dead battery, including the engine start one! Tuesday spent getting the engine started and discovering that the belt driving the alternator was loose. Eventually all sorted out before Richard Baker arrived, although we had a little trouble finding each other after he got off the taxi at the wrong marina having already been to the right one. Rather late chipirones, gambas al ajillo and a delicious Rias Baixas from Rosal, near the Portuguese border. Set off at 10.30 and motored for ages which at least got the batteries well charged up.