Fiji to NZ (7) - Land in sight

Gudrun V
Axel Busch
Fri 22 Nov 2013 22:42
Saturday, 2013-11-23, 11:30, 34:54.925S 174:19.349E, COG 208, SOG 6.5kn, Wind 20kn SE
27nm to go to Opua. The sun’s out, the waves are down, and we’re almost there. We spent the morning in the cockpit taking photos and watching out for land. 29nm out from shore Rob spotted the first mountain top through the haze while I was downstairs making sure I’ve filled out all forms. It’s quite a package, fortunately neatly presented in a plastic folder “New Zealand Border Agency Information”. Of all the countries I’ve visited on this trip NZ provided the most complete and helpful information up front, awesome. And the longest forms to fill out.
In about an hour we’ll enter the 12nm zone and will then call ahead to customs. Then it’ll be another three to four hours before we arrive in Opua. Liz and Rachel are coming up from Auckland to greet us, can’t wait to see them. We’re a little damp and tired but very happy.