very no-windy

Gudrun V
Axel Busch
Thu 23 Aug 2012 10:19
Thursday, 2012-08-23 0:00 local, 17:16S, 150:11W, COG 290, SOG 5kn,Wind 2kn

At 5:30, only thirty minutes after the last message, a big cloud caught up
with me and brought rain - and no wind. So much for sailing. Sails flapping,
boat rolling, and rain. Liz knows just how much I love it ;-)

Except for a brief "windy" two hours (up to 7kn of wind!) between 8 and 10
it's been quiet and rainy. But even then the wind shifted twice from NE to
SE, and wrapped the Parasailor around the forestay while I was cooking
dinner. Argh. Always fun to undo in the rain. Now the engine is running, but
there are vibrations from the shaft which weren't there last time. It
doesn't sound bad, just a little rougher than usual, but it can't be great
for the cutlass bearing and I'm reluctant to motor all the way. If the wind
isn't back in another hour I'll kill the engine anyway and just drift along.

Amazing really: only away from the boat for two months and you already
forget how much no fun it is to go sailing when there's no wind. But I'm under
way again, and that feels good even if it's slow. And the rain stopped for now,
the sky cleared, and the stars are out - beautiful.