sailing along

Gudrun V
Axel Busch
Wed 12 Sep 2012 22:05
Wednesday, 2012-09-12, 12:01 UTC-10, 10:04.930S 164:04.061W, COG 275, SOG 7.0, Wind 10-15kn ENE

just finished unwrapping the gennaker. I went down to drink something and when I came back up it was wrapped around itself like a towel you want to wring out. Nothing to do but take it down, lay it along the side of the deck, and patiently unfold it. An hour later ... back up again.

Weather is great. Sun, calm sea. The wind shifted a little north-east this morning. I waited until it was settled and then gybed. Everything went fine. Now on direct course to Niue, ETA 48h at current speed. Well, tomorrow I'll be in the trough. Rain and no wind, so it's going to be Saturday for sure.

340nm to go.