The perfect calm

Gudrun V
Axel Busch
Wed 21 Mar 2012 16:28
Wednesday, 21.03.2012, 11:30 local (16:30 UTC), 0:04.820 N, 87:24.280W, 30C, 1006 mBar, SOG 4.2kt, COG 262

Very calm all throughout yesterday and today too. The sea is almost completely calm, only light ripples on the surface and a very long and low swell. We're slowly half drifting, half sailing with 4-5kn towards the Galapagos. Liz says it's her best sailing experience ever.

The wind frequently shifts slightly and the speed drops below 4kn. Then the swell catches up with us and starts banging against the stern and I adjust the sheets to get the speed back up above 4kn, ideally 5kn, but often 4ish is the limit. I'd rather prefer to be busy keeping the speed north of 8kn, but this slow voyaging also has something for it. Very relaxing, once you are in the mindset. I read a lot and shoot a lot of photos, and Liz and I are talking a lot, discussing ideas and the world and making plans about our future. Quality time together. I wouldn't mind if the rest of the Pacific went like that as well. I can go back to sailing fast after we get to NZ.

Only 170nm to the Galapagos. Looks like we'll get there on Friday. It's almost inevitable given the current along the equator.