Raiatea in sight

Gudrun V
Axel Busch
Thu 23 Aug 2012 22:01
Thursday, 2012-08-23, 12:00 UTC-10, 16:54S, 151:10W, COG 295, SOG 5.2kn,Wind 12kn SE, 28C, 1018hPa, sunny with clouds

At 3am in the morning the promised SE wind arrived. Half a day late, but very much appreciated. It continued to rain until 4am, but since then it's nice and the wind steady. Parasailor is up and I sail along at 5-6kn. Not much swell now, very nice sailing actually.

Sailing alone again feels different after sailing with Liz for more than a year. Some things are easier, for example working in the cockpit is a lot easier in a pinch (e.g. sudden rain shower) when there's nobody sitting/lying "in the way all the time", haha. But something's missing as well. When the sails are up and the course is set there often isn't much to do really. Then we used to talk a lot, make plans, laugh, or just smile at each other, happy being together. Books and electronics are a very poor replacement for a good friend. Distance makes the heart grow fonder ;-)

20nm to go to Raiatea. It looks like I'll arrive between 4pm to 5pm in Uturo. The plan is to spend the night there, then continue to Bora Bora at dawn to arrive there around noon. I'm looking forward to seeing the crew of S/Y Venus and E Capoe again, good friends as well.