Weather update and arrival plans

Gudrun V
Axel Busch
Fri 22 Nov 2013 01:15
Just downloaded the weather files through the sat phone and had a look. There goes my hope of some nice weather for the last day. The low has passed us and it’s centre is now to the east of us. I had expected that it would stay west and move further south. But now we’re firmly caught on the “bad” side. Here’s a nice website with wind maps for the area:
If we’re lucky the low keeps on moving east, in which case the wind should drop and move back east-ish. And if we’re unlucky it moves further south, in which case the wind will come more from the south as we get into the low’s last quadrant. Then we might not be able to maintain course, depending on the strength of the wind. That would add a few hours to our trip. But considering we’re only a day a way it shouldn’t have a huge effect. The question is whether we’ll arrive Saturday afternoon or in the night.
I wonder what hours Customs and immigration are working in Opua on a Saturday. We cannot leave the boat until we’re cleared in, and If we arrive too late we’ll have to stay at the quarantine dock over night. Better then at sea, but I’d much rather be with Liz.