Electronic ramblings

Gudrun V
Axel Busch
Sat 29 Sep 2012 23:19
Sunday, 2012-09-30, 12:00 UTC+13, 18:33.284S 179:30.833W, COG 245, SOG 2.1kn, Wind 4kn E, overcast + rainy

Zzzzzzzzzz ... so glad I have my little electronic distraction devices, otherwise I couldn't help but sleep all day on a day like this - overcast, rainy, 2-3kn of speed.

The investment into eBook reader and tablet are so worth it when you go cruising. I've read hundreds of books in the last three years on the boat. A lot of them reference books which I keep turning back to. No way I could carry them all in paper. Nowadays I only buy paper books if I can't get them as ebooks. And even then I photograph the important pages (of reference books) and convert them into text-ebooks with Adobe Acrobat and Calibre. Not that I could get the book I wanted on the route - download is the only way. And the tablet (Android or iPad, doesn't matter) are not only great for watching movies, playing games, or reading color ebooks (e.g. about photography, video), but also for navigation. They all have GPS, and some even GPS + GLONAS. And charts are cheap.

On this trip I've tested "SEAiq Open" for the iPad, which takes the standard CM93 charts that "everybody has", and it works great. Much more features then the Navionics software, and a lot cheaper too (only $15). I'm only wondering why they didn't include a feature to measure distance between two points. Kind of essential.

My brother Ralf, the ingenious engineer, send me an email saying it can't be Diesel in my oil, otherwise I would definitely smell it. I ran the engine for anouther 1.5h yesterday, and the oil level didn't change. I also checked the transmission oil and it's at max, so didn't loose any of that either. Looks like I just did have too much oil in there to start with. Hmmmmm

235nm to go.