NW of Isla Malpelo

Gudrun V
Axel Busch
Fri 16 Mar 2012 17:38
Friday, 2012-03-15, 12:10 local (17:0 UTC), 4:36.0N 81:07.2W, 1006mBar,
28C, COG 195, SOG 7.5kn

Just a quick one, busy fixing the fresh-water installation which developed a leak after all that rolling last night. That's the problem with improvisations because the right parts are not available, you always have to go back to it. Liz says I shouldn't get upset about it, it was my choice to do this trip on a boat. Hard to argue that. Hope the new improvisation lasts until I an get the right parts. Tahiti maybe.

Other than that we saw dolphins and a bird, and during the night two aircraft passed low over us. Or the same twice, who knows. It's pitch black at night now. But we saw Jupiter and Venus nicely huddled together, even took a few photos. Then the wind increased to 30+ kn and I couldn't remember how to best get the Parasailor down in strong winds. Third attempt succeeded. Now I remember: don't let go of any sheets or downhauls and especially not of the line that pulls the sock down. Just gybe gently and when the sail deflates pull the sock down like crazy until you get to the dynamic pressure wing, then wait for this to deflate and then pull again.

The plan is to pass just east of Isla Malpelo (Colombia) and continue SSW, where the weather forecast says the wind is better. Then turn west after we're through the ITCZ.