almost Fiji

Gudrun V
Axel Busch
Fri 28 Sep 2012 23:36
Saturday, 2012-09-29, 12:11 UTC+13, 18:28.883S 178:15.409W, COG 240, SOG 4.1kn, Wind 6kn NW, overcast

So far the day was pretty crappy, lots of rain and little to no wind. The little wind that is keeps shifting from NW to NE and back, and because I have to go straight W it's a little bit of a pain. I didn't feel like playing catch-the-wind games and turned on the engine while I made pancakes, eggs, and coffee for breakfast. Then the wind felt slighted and went away completely, so I kept on motoring. I want to pass those first islands during daylight.

Ten minutes to twelve the oil alarm went off - beeeeeeeep! I turned off the engine in a hurry and looked over the engine - oil looks good, temperature looks good, no idea. I've only changed the oil and filters in Tahiti, that's like 19 engine hours ago. So I'm surprised there is a problem. Well, that takes care of my afternoon activities :-)

But first I have to get through that oneata passage. Not that I expect any problems, it's 4nm wide, more than enough space to tack if necessary. Fortunately the wind just went up to 7kn, which allows for decent sailing. heyyyyyy!


So, wind just turned to W and because I was down here writing the boat tacked by itself and I had to clear the sails. Yep, busy. So, wind form west is really not very nice now, hopefully it keeps on turning S! Be a little more cooperative, come on.

Anyway, all clear, just a little busy. But that's sailing ... nothing to do for days and then everything is happening at the same time.

307nm to go