Arrived in Boqueron

Gudrun V
Axel Busch
Tue 31 May 2011 12:36
Tuesday, 31.05.2011, 07:30 local (11:30 UTC), 18:01.326N, 067:10.505W (Boqueron, Puerto Rico)
My work on the engine was put to the test when we left Aguadilla on Sunday morning, in winds too light to sail. The water was beautiful, and after a few hours we killed the engine and jumped into the water to swim behind the boat or holding on to the line to the dinghy and being dragged along. A speed of 1kn (1,8km/h) is hardly noticed on the boat, but you have to swim quite hard if you want to keep up with it. Shortly before arriving in Mayaguez, our stopover for the night, a rainstorm passed through with 27kn of wind and we raced into the bay of Mayaguez with the genoa. As we anchored in the bay the river mouths were spilling dirty and foul smelling water from overflowing sewers into the bay. Urgh. No swimming here.
Monday morning we continued south to Boqueron in perfect weather. The strong sun created thermal winds and we reached our new anchorage under sail. The big bay is well protected by shallows in the entrance which only leave two small channels. The north and south coast are lined with mangroves, and the west coast by the town of Boqueron and a loooooong beach. The protection, the town and the beach make this place probably the most popular anchorage in Puerto Rico. But at the moment only a dozen sailboats lie at anchor, mostly local craft. We cooled of by jumping into the water and then went ashore with the dinghy or fuel and food. We found very yummy Nachos, Fajitas and Chicken wings in the "Los Remos" beach bar. Then strolled along the beach. Some days are better than others.
And some nights are worse than others. Not the slightest breeze was blowing in the night, and it was hot. Then the mosquitos from the surrounding mangroves all came around to look at the new arrivals - us, and the heat suddenly was the least of our worries. The angry zzzzzz is arguably the worst possible sound in the world, especially at night.
There is a marina in the north-east corner, mostly motorboats, in which we want to resuply with water today. Then we'll study the weather charts in detail and plan the rest of the week. Oh, and put up some mossie nets.