Gudrun V
Axel Busch
Wed 25 Apr 2012 18:27
Wednesday, 2012-04-25, 12:15 boat (18:15 UTC), 07:15.4S, 113:31.6W, COG 280, SOG 5kn, Wind 15kn NE, very rainy

On a voyage of three weeks you can of course expect to encounter all kinds of days. The calm, the sunny with steady winds, the rainy with fluky winds, the stormy, and everything in between. You get the most out of the voyage when you accept them as they come, and treasure them for what they are. The sunny for their happiness, the rainy for their melancholy. The stormy maybe for the physical excercise.

But the truth is, the sunny ones are a lot easier to treasure then the rainy ones. Especially when fluky winds make you work on deck every half hour. Today is such a day. What a good day to practice treasuring all things in life, let that be the motto of he day. Fortunately there are good news too to make it easier: we're half way there! Only 1500nm more to go. And my french learning game for the iPad is finished. Tres bien!