International Date Line

Gudrun V
Axel Busch
Tue 25 Sep 2012 22:53
Wednesday, 2012-09-26, 11:40 UTC+13, 18:26.019S, 173:49.519W, COG 270, SOG 5.0kn, Wind 15kn NE, sunny

Whoaaaa - Wednesday already! Where did Tuesday go? Tuesday was a victim of the international date line. Well, almost. The actual, geographical, date line is 180W, and I'm not quite there. But Tonga and Fiji (and other islands) have decided to ignore that little detail for political and economical reasons (Asia, Australia and NZ being closer then the US) and put themselves on the other side.

And because I'm now just north of Tonga, which has the same time then Niue but a different date, Tuesday got overtaken by Wednesday in no time at all. Normally I don't change ship's time until arrival, beacuse it makes keeping a log so complicated. But I figure a whole day is worth the effort. And since I have to start communicating with Fiji soon (advance arrival notice) anyway, it's better to be on the same date.

Another thing that has changed is the wind - to North East. Now that is not such a great thing, because it means there's a little trough or depression in the south (again), which means the wind will turn further North then West as that thingy moves east and I'll be left with pretty much no wind (and rain) for a day or more, depending on the speed of that thingybob in the south. Can't be helped. It's all part of that south pacific sailing experience, right. I signed up for it, now I got it. No complains :-)

But that's a day away. Today the weather is very nice and sunny, and that's something to be very happy about.

560nm to go.