Gudrun V
Axel Busch
Fri 4 May 2012 17:41
Day 20, Friday, 2012-05-04, 12:00 boat (18:00 UTC), 9:37S, 129:58W, COG 265, SOG 7.3, Wind 20kn E, sunny

Not much to report, really. Days go round in circles. Yesterday we did some more washing while the sun was out. Then some rain came, followed by sun again and the laundry dried. The sun went down and the moon up. With almost a full moon it was very bright all through the night. No need for a lamp to work the sails. What a difference to the first week of the trip! With no moon, and the clouds, it was so dark that we often couldn't even see the big white sail a few meters in front of us without a light. Or the horizon, or anything else for that matter. Much better this way, and I had timed the departure from the Galapagos so that we would arrive in the Marquesas with plenty of moonlight. The worst is to approach a new landfall and not seeing anything. Not that we're ever going near a coast in the dark. But just knowing it is not far ahead (compared to several 100 miles), and not being able to see anything, makes you very nervous.

17:30 UTC today I heard a call on the VHF for the boat "Happy Bird", but I didn't understand the caller. Means there is another boat within sth like 60nm of us, nice. We haven't seen a boat in a long time. Also nice to hear another voice. Not that I don't like Liz' voice! I'm just saying it's nice to hear more voices (as long as they are not in your own head, that is).

Only 530nm to go!