Fiji to NZ - First day at sea

Gudrun V
Axel Busch
Sun 17 Nov 2013 00:57
Sunday, 2013-11-17, 11:33, 19:20.430S 177:28.925E, COG 170, SOG 6km, Wind 10kn E
We left Vuda Point Marina at half past four yesterday and in the 0hrs since then travelled 100nm south. The start was very slow with 6kn of wind from the North, but once we had left Fiji behind and approached a big wall of thunderstorms the wind moved to East and freshened to 15kn. Ideal conditions - if it wasn't for the head swell and lightning. One after the other first I then Rob puked our half digested sausage rolls over board.
We got through the thunderstorms all right without being hit, but it didn't feel good. Now the weather is quite nice, the swells are longer and less steep, and we're making good speed. The boat moves still a bit and there's occasional throwing up but it feels like we're settling in slowly.
Interestingly the water temperature dropped already from 30C in Fiji to 27.2C, and we can slowly see it dropping. I think it's about 16C now in New Zealand, so a drop of 1-2C every day is expected.
Damages: The gimbal of the oven is broken, and the oven is hanging limply in it's box. So not sure if we can actually cook something. But at the moment we both don't feel like eating anything for the rest of our lives ;-). Rest of the boat seems to be ok.