Gudrun V
Axel Busch
Mon 24 Sep 2012 23:07
Monday, 2012-09-24, 11:44 UTC-11, 19:02.742S 172:06.745W, COG 280, SOG 5kn, Wind 15kn ESE

Not much happening here. Lots of clouds and rain during the night. Now less clouds and nice sun. Not quite sure what to do with the sails. I can't make it until Friday to Fiji, especially because Fiji is across the international date line and therefor a whole day ahead of me. If I pull the main half-way up I'll get there Saturday night or Sunday, and if I just go with the Genoa I'll arrive Monday. Arriving Monday seems a little smarter then to arrive Sunday and pay fines. On the other hand the boat rolls significantly less with the main up - but then I have to be more concerned about reefing and accidental gybes and all. Always those compromises ;-)

Even more important than the question of what sails to fly, is the question what to cook for lunch today. And more urgend, because I'm pretty hungry! I gave most of my supplies to other cruisers on Bora Bora and Niue, because I'll leave the boat in Fiji for a while and they'll just go off. I've still got more than enough for this week, but the choices are now a little more limited then before. Hmm, Wraps? Dal? Pasta? Had Dal and Wraps last week, but didn't have pasta in two weeks, maybe I'll make that. Yep, good idea. Now let's chop up some veges while they're still fresh.

663nm to go