Calm, so calm.

Gudrun V
Axel Busch
Sun 29 Apr 2012 18:13
Day 16, Sunday, 2012-04-29, 11:40 boat (17:40 UTC), 08:21S, 121:48W, COG 270, SOG 3.5kn, Wind 6-8kn SE, muggy, hot

Oh, yes, today is Sunday. Yesterday was of course Saturday, I totally got that wrong in my blog entry. So difficult to keep track of the time on the boat ...

Distance is easier. We came 92nm in the last 24 hours, thanks to a nice breeze of 16kn that came up yesterday afternoon and pushed us along at 8kn. With sunset the wind left, and I had to take the sail down so it wouldn't get wrapped around the shrouds and get damaged. All night no wind, and we just drifted along with the current. With sunrise some wind came up again, 6-8kn, just enough to sail, and now we're moving ahead with 3 to 4kn again. Slowly, slowly.

Which means that the program for today is the same as yesterday: We hide from the sun until sunset. Liz writes on her book. I write another iPad game. Both working on our next careers ;-). Well, more like following our passions. My first program ever was a text adventure I wrote on the C64, looooong time ago. I'm very excited that I now have some time to get back into that domain. Not text adventures, hehe, writing games. I bought a dozen (e)books in Panama about game design, -theory, -algorithms, and -development. With no escape and distraction on the boat I read them all. I hadn't expected that I could start coding so early, because there is usually too much movement (and things to do) on the boat to sit down in front of the computer for more than half an hour. But this weather is perfect for it.

Programming on the boat reminds me very much of the early 90s, before the internet was widely available, and all the programming forums and tutorial websites sprang up. You have your development environment, a book, and your brains. Go figure it out.