Gudrun V
Axel Busch
Mon 1 Oct 2012 23:54
Tuesday, 2012-10-02, 11:48 UTC+12, 17:38.344S 177:22.387E, 4nm south of Lautoka Wind 6kn SW

Pretty hot here in Fiji. But it looks nice, lots of little islands and reefs. Easy to see why this is such a tourist destination.

I'm almost in Lautoka now, 4nm to go. I've been motoring the last hour because with the little wind I was risking running late. As it is, I'll probably show up in the lunch break. Book says I have to call Port Control and get instructions, so I'm assuming I either have to wait at anchor or can go to a wharf if I'm lucky.

I'm very excited about the photos of Gudrun sailing. I've been complaining to Liz ever since we got to Tahiti that we'll probably arrive in New Zealand and still won't have a photo of Gudrun sailing. Very happy now, and a beautiful day for photography too. I had all sails up, and a blue sky as background. Very exciting!