Becalmed - Pizza time!

Gudrun V
Axel Busch
Wed 26 Sep 2012 22:58
Thursday, 2012-09-27, 12:00 UTC+13, 18:23.275S 175:21.030W, COG 270, SOG 1.0 kn, Wind: nada!.

One of the mysteries of this voyage is that about one hour after every new blog entry the wind changes. Honestly. Like last night: At 1am it changed from NE to NW. I pulled the main-sail up, and sailed quite nicely for a few hours with full genoa, full main, and almost full moon. A few miles SE of me was a big cloud with continuos vicious lightning inside, and true to form it moved perpendicular to the wind so no danger for me. Then I saw the lights of two cargo vessels - the first cargo vessels I saw out on the ocean since Panama (Not counting Inter-island traffic in French Polynesia)!

So I'm definitely getting closer to civilization again. Makes me all motivated to cook some real civilization food today: Pizza! Prepared the dough earlier, fortunately the yeast was still alive. Once the dough's done rising I'm going to heat this little boat of for real with the oven. Not that it isn't hot already, especially with no clouds and absolutely no wind out there. I'm just drifting with the current, again, fortunately pretty much in the right direction. Unfortunately there's still some swell coming in, from the side, so the boat's rolling a lot again. Nothing new there.

But according to the correlction of blog entry and wind changes, there should be some wind in about an hour :-).

470nm to go.