Update to last post

Gudrun V
Axel Busch
Wed 9 Feb 2011 14:13
During tidying up I thought a little about my last post and why on earth I had stayed so far east. I think I wasn't entirely honest with myself. I think the reason why I stayed east was that I wasn't sure wheather I wanted to go west at all. I don't think I was scared, rather not really into the adventure anymore. Starting over a year ago and then stopping for 7 months to work on a boat had taken something out of me. It wasn't the problems at the start of the trip, everybody has problems with the autopilot and the like, it's part of the experience ;-). No, it was something different. The idea was still there, but the spirit not. No wonder I was cautios, it takes more than a nice idea to commit to a three week long adventure on your own.
Well, the spirit is back. No more chickening around now. Right George? This is an awesome adventure, and I have a fantastic boat. The comfy parasailor is in it's sock and Octavio's splendid genoa and main-sail are up and properly trimmed. Let's eat some miles and make up for the lost time. Caribbean here I come :-)