On the way to Fakarava

Gudrun V
Axel Busch
Sun 10 Jun 2012 20:41
Wednesday, 2012-06-06, 11:30 local, 21:00 UTC, 10:20.4S, 141:02.7W, COG 217,
SOG 4.5kn, Wind 8kn NE, 29.3C, 1010mBar, sunny.

We like the Marquesas. Stunning landscapes, fantastic climate, and very
friendly people. The food's a bit pricy, but then this is one of the
remotest parts of the world, with a small population of only a few thousand
and no local industry. No surprise then that the imported food costs more
than back home. Liz is delighted that most meat, fruit, and dairy products
are imported from New Zealand.

The flip side of seeing all the familiar products in the shelves is that the
urge to reach New Zealand is getting very strong. There are at least three
more weeks of sailing until we get to New Zealand. But in our minds the
voyage is already over, and we find it hard to get excited about visiting
the islands along the way. Maybe it will change when we get there. But last
week we talked to the NZ immigration advisor, and now we be are busy
collecting and requesting the necessary documents for my immigration. So New
Zealand, the immigration, and our upcoming wedding is all we think of.

Which is why despite having a good time we said our good-byes to our
cruising friends in Nuku Hiva yesterday, weighed anchor, and set out for the
4-5 day trip to the Fakarava atoll in the north-west corner of the Tuamotu
archipel, our next stop. Before leaving the bay we practiced some
man-over-bord maneuvers with an empty jerry can. I'm happy to say that the
jerry can doesn't need to worry about getting lost at sea.

Once out of the bay Liz set the Parasailor in 15kn of wind from the NE,
while I assisted with, uhm, helpful comments. Two hours later the wind
changed to ESE and we changed it for main and genoa. Unfortunately I stubbed
my little toe against the fairlead, and judging by the pain when I try to
move it it's broken. Well, it's not the first time and won't be the last. We
kept the sails up all night, but reefed the main when a squall went by. This
morning the wind was back to NE, and we put the Parasailor up again. Smooth,
slow, sailing at 4-6kn in 8-10kn of wind. The sea is calm and the boat's
very stable, Liz likes it that way.

440nm to go to Fakarava