day two

Gudrun V
Axel Busch
Sat 8 Sep 2012 22:00
Saturday, 2012-09-08, 12:00 (UTC-10), 17:25.291S, 154:41.784W, COG 250, SOG 6.5kn, 1019mBar, 33C, sunny

Still good going in 20-25 kn of wind from the east. 158nm in the last 24 hours, good for the parasailor. The sea is a little calmer then yesterday, waves still big but developed and regular. The sky is blue with some cumulus. I'm staying below decks out of the sun most of the time, just pop my head up to have a look now and then. Not much to see, some pelagic birds, mostly boobies. Radar-detector and AIS are helping me to watch out.

I made greek salad for lunch which I'll have with Christine's fantastic bread. It's too hot to cook a big meal for lunch. But I'm thinking what I could make for dinner. Maybe a curry? Food really is the only exciting thing happening on a lengthy offshore trip like this. Apart from big mammals in the water or bad weather, but I can do very well without the bad weather thank you very much. It was all so very exciting three years ago when I started. Now that I've seen it all a few times I'm happiest if the winds are light and the sea calm.

Richard said that I should definitely stop in Niue because the underwater visibility is fantastic, there are plenty of sea snakes, the people are friendly, and there's a chance to see whales although most are somehow in Tonga this year. Friendly people and great diving sounds like my kind of place. Only 875nm to go :-)