Gudrun V
Axel Busch
Fri 22 Jun 2012 21:25
Friday, 2012-06-22, 11:10, 17:31S, 149:31W, COG 210, SOG 6.5kn, Wind 20kn SE, sunny with clouds

The beginning of the trip was nice enough, but since we rounded the north-western corner of Rangiroa and turned south-east we are taking 20kn of wind, 3m waves, and some current at 60 degrees angle and it's very uncomfortable. Every few minutes a breaker washes over the deck and cockpit. We stay down below and only pop our heads up to have a look around every 20 minutes. We both feel a little seasick and don't talk much, just sit/lie there and look at each other.

Unfortunately the hatch, though tightly shut, is leaking and the bunks are soaking wet. So sleeping space is at a premium and I slept on the floor. I'm glad that we'll be in Tahiti this evening. Because waves and current are slowing us down we'll not make it before nightfall, but we should be in time for low tide, and the pass and lagoon are well lighted so it shouldn't be a problem.