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Date: 01 May 2012 19:06:42
Title: Same old, same old

Day 17, Tuesday, 2012-05-01, 12:00 boat (18:00 UTC), 08:54S, 123:50W, COG 280, SOG 0.9kn, Wind 3kn N, muggy with patches of sunlight

Wow, we came 58nm yesterday! 27nm sailing, the rest drifting. A new record - lowest distance in 24h ever! But at least it's a little sunny today, not like the last two days. We spent most of the time below deck because it was raining so much, and at one point I counted 9 individual squalls at the same time on the horizon. They are already encrouching heavily on the last patches of sunlight. Let's hope the forces of light manage to fend the evil dark clouds off for a little while longer, at least until we had lunch!

Liz is cooking pumpkin soup with our last pumpkin (half of it). There's still onions, potatoes, tomatoes, kiwi, limes, apples, pears, oranges and garlic left. So we're still some way from opening cans.

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