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Date: 05 Oct 2012 07:36:40
Title: Gudrun in the cyclone pit

After two days of frantic activity Gudrun was ready to be hauled out and put into her cyclone pit at Vuda Point Marina. Everything went smoothly and now Gudrun is a fish without water:

Gudrun in her cyclone pit

Next day (today) we were all going to say goodbye - Tim from Slick, Jessie from Obelisk, Alef from Batten Anna, (plus assorted crew) and me. Reason enough to go out party.

Anybody confused?


locals dancing too

It was a great night out, the first for me actually in, puh, I don't even know how long. You don't get to dance a lot when cruising, because you tend to stay away from the touristy places with the clubs and discos.

And today another rare experience: I'm wearing shoes. Not as usually barefoot or in thongs, but in real shoes. Boy does that feel weird! But I'm flying to Auckland, where it's cold (12 C) - brrrrr.

Shoed feet at the airport.

So, only a few more hours until I'm re-united with Liz. Very exciting!

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