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Date: 01 Oct 2012 12:20:54
Title: Almost there

Tuesday, 2012-10-02, 0:11 UTC+13, 18:20.975S 177:29.706E COG 260, SOG 5kn, Wind 15kn E

Almost there, 30nm South-East of Navula Passage, Viti Levu. I'm trying to time it so that I get there when the sun's up, which is in 7-8 hours. No point in getting there and night and running on a reef. From the pass it's another 25nm to Lautoka where I can check in. So I'll propably arrive after lunch-time. Aparrently there's a lot of forms to fill outn Fiji. I've already spent an hour just with the forms I've downloaded from the immigration Website.

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