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Date: 25 Sep 2012 12:04:46
Title: audio books no good for watches

Tuesday, 2012-09-25, 0:00 UTC-11, 18:46.340S 172.59.100W, COG 320, SOG 4.5, Wind 15kn ESE

60nm south-east of the Vava'u group which belongs to Tonga. Apparently lots of yachties there, watching whales and getting ready for a fun regatta this friday and a full-moon party on the beach. Sounds like good fun, but I have to pass this time.

Everything ok on the boat. I'm pretty bored though. The boat's rolling too much to do any concentrated work like editing photos or movies or writing without getting quesay. Have a few interesting books left to read. But I've read so much over the last three years ...
Tried listening to an audio book instead but fell asleep after a few minutes, hehe.

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