Ship's Log

Rebel T
Tim Walsh
Mon 2 Jun 2008 08:45

Dear One and All,

Ship's time 07.30 2/06/2008
Log reads 720.81nm from Horta, Azores.

Apologies for late posting of this log, have had to helm for a few hours
during the night as Hercules(auto-Helm) finds broad reaching in 18-28 knots
gusting up and down in a sea way trying, he just bashes on giving no
consideration to Rebel, the human helm can not only feel the pressure on
the rudders building up, but also steer between the wave accordingly, very
much more sympathic for boat hull(s), rig and general well being of all
ship's systems and company. The result has been a good nights sleep for the
off watch, and yet a very good run towards our destination, 72nm covered in
six hours.

So what's new, Rebel's systems are all working well, and the crew are
feeling a lot more pleased with themselves as we reel off the miles. They
have even forgiven Tim for the cold (we don't do cold is constantly thrown
up at me, I promised them warm seas and carribean..apparently. And it has
been getting cold, all the gear is going on at night, even Jon who considers
himself a hardy boy, comes on watch with most of his gear on. As the night
bod I don't care who knows it I wear the lot, and tonight even the woolly
hat was on. Being wet and cold is not my idea of fun, being wet and warm
fine... I though say a silent prayer of apology to Rebel with my very fine
new gear on, wonderfully warm, and much appreciated, a lovely gift from my
wife Eileen, it is however bright scarlet red (HL ocean etc) and everything
on Rebel is black and grey. Rebel's illustrious owner takes care to
co-ordinate every thing, main sail with Genoa, Black Bastard with main, etc,
etc and he of course has the black shirt Rebel marked, do you get the
picture, his offshore are HL granted, but you guessed it carbon and grey,
fit's a treat. Now the rest of the current crew have all got combinations
of Black/grey/carbon in HL or GC. The current skipper of the boat walks
around the deck in bright, bright red, all the while saying a silent prayer
that Rebel and company are not offended least it affects Rebel's karma.....
Now I am not the superstitious sort, but bright red on a ship that thinks
black, and crew accordingly, well out here in this rather large bit of
water. I stand out like a sore thumb...........

Our general situation re the prevailing weather pattern is we feel pretty
good, broad reaching straight towards the English channel is not a bad
position to be in, and if the weather man is to be believed we have still
got some more of this to come. Winds are generally in the west, North of
west right now, and for a short period in the North last night. All are a-ok
for us at the moment. Wind strengths are quite variable, from 12 - 30 knots
so crew and self are constantly kept busy with various changes to sail plan
(reef up - reef down).

Surprisingly late in the evening yesterday we saw a large grey whale , not
a great distance from Rebel's port side cruising along in the same general
direction as ourselves. Our first site of the smaller Dolphin species
appeared last night too. They are petite along side there bigger cousins,
very much fitting the image of the story of the boy and the dolphin from the
Greek classic's. We found watching them to be a whole new experience.

Tim all is well, and as you can see from position log's Rebel is getting a
spurt on towards the UK. Currently 45.51.259N 019. 28. 963W

Over the last 3 days we have not seen any other shipping, large or small.
We know from some of the things that we have seen floating by, that they
definitely exist somewhere out there. But for all of that I think ship's
company and crew are at this moment feeling fine and well, even the ship's
mascot gives me a smile and a wink as I leave / enter my cabin. (Colette
crew are all aware of their responsibilities in this area) And all doing
there utmost to fulfil promise.

To all our nearest, all ship's crew are thinking of you all and will be in
touch directly as we close with the UK mainland, the Scillies being nearest
point of land is just a little over 500nm to go.

That's it all you good people, hope all is well in your world. Take care.

Regards David.