Ship's Log

Rebel T
Tim Walsh
Wed 21 May 2008 20:04

Dear One and all,

Ship's Time is 19.00hrs 21.05.2008

Log shows 2261nm from Grenada, St. David's Bay
We have just 496nm to run to the Azores, and are currently due west of the
Arquipelago dos Acores

A very quiet time has been had over the last 48 hrs , namely some light to
medium winds from the west occasionally NW , but generally in the 9 to
16knot range with very short puff's around the 20's. Maximus, Picasso ,the
main and blade have all been used at times to insure that our general
direction towards the Azores is maintained without increasing the overall
mileage. Maximus and Picasso have between them performed magnificently. A
158 mile average sustained in what has been really light winds very rarely
much above 12knots.

The marine life around the Azores is beginning to appear and schools of
dolphins have been observed working the fish into tight circles before
catching same.

The evening sun is blazing through our rear saloon entrance as we sail east
wards, the after deck is currently a hive of rapt attention to a highly
tuned radio, and the Man United - Chelsea game is a point of heated debate,
Tony an avid Chelsea supporter, whilst Jon an Barry support Man United. Bets
have been placed on the understanding that the winner takes us all to the
nearest pub in Horta for drinks on arrival.

Tony is delighted as this minute Chelsea have just equalised...

REBEL though is immune to this human obsession and is quietly cruising
along at around 6 knots in the warm setting sun and the now very pleasant
Atlantic sea, a wonderful deep blue.

Our daily activities have encompassed routine checks of the engines, David
and Goliath, a spruce up of our main social area, galley and saloon , and
cleaning of the general deck fwd areas.

Impatience though is beginning to factor as all would I think now like to
reel of the last 400nm or so to get on with preparing Rebel for her next leg
, Azores to UK ( Falmouth possibly , but given a reasonable passage
straight on up the English Channel for a quick stop at Ramsgate before final
day trip to the East Coast. HOWEVER if the weather is as pleasant as this
then Horta may seduce the crew with her charm and general ambience.

We intend to sail through the middle of the Azores Islands on our
departure, weather permitting see some of these rather beautiful Atlantic

Tim I will e-mail direct for confirmation of exact arrival at Horta, Azores
sometime tomorrow.

Regards and all best wishes to everyone