Ship's log

Rebel T
Tim Walsh
Fri 9 May 2008 19:38

The last 24 hours have being frustrating in that as soon as we get the
sails set for direction and mean wind it has changed, and with ever
increasing frequency, our actual winds have been in the 3 to 9 knot band ,
and for a short period we had a stupendous 10 knots. With direction varying
from east to Nor east , and south east. JON who finds light wind sailing
intensely frustrating, has threatened to swim, he even volunteered to paddle
, and he rarely volunteers for anything.

THAT said the eventual challenge was thrown down by Jon who said its your
shift now you sort it. I quietly asked if I might have a go on the helm. 10
minutes later we were steadily doing a very respectable 7.1 knots in less
than 9.5 knots of wind. HE GLARED and made no comment other than I'm of to
bed, at least I will get a quiet nights sleep.

ON the morning watch changeover Rebel had not let us down we were on course
do cover another 155 miles. Eventually we were delighted to pass the target
for the first three days of 515 miles. In total rebel has now since we left
St.Davids travelled 670 miles.

We celebrated the occasion with a very good lunch. On the after saloon deck
in the glorious sun. It is still vary warm in the day time, not hot hot, but
very pleasant. At night it is noticeable that the temperatures are beging to
drop, a ) we are beginning to but on a T shirt, and B) actual night time
temp has dropped from a high of 31 degrees to a less sweltering 25 degrees.

Now today's highlight has been the complete strip down of the starboard
heads, the malaise discovered was a considerable build up of calcium in all
its works and heavily within the pipe. DAVID AND BARRY led the way with he
other two throwing of sarcastic comments , not fit to be mentioned on the
open air waves. THE starboard heads are now the smoothest and cleanest head
this side of the Atlantic, and the whole vestibule shower, toilet, sink is a
delight to just be in. Small things in life you know give the greatest
amount of pleasure.........

In all seriousness Rebel has been remarkably hassle free, we have now used
all the BIG sails that she carries , to familiarise ourselves with them and
in our efforts to gain that extra knot of speed. In that respect we believe
we have a few days left before the winds kick in and we are able to head a
little further eastwards towards our objective.

My apologies to someone who attempted to ring on the phone this afternoon,
but I had my head so to speak down a head, and such was the crew
concentration on the subject that when we recognised the ring for what it
was before we could get to it , caller had given up.

The sea is almost calm right now and rebel in very little wind is achieving
7.4 knots and in the right direction. AT 20; 50. 343N 057; 12. 881W we are
feeling quite pleased with ourselves. The outline passage plan is still on
track, we may even be a little early into the Azores. Bets are already being
placed by the crew as to exact date of arrival. TIM are you in this , the
pot is a fiver, not a great deal of money, but as Jon put it , it's my
brother and taking a fiver of him is like winning a million. AH such
confidence he has that one , I mean , who say's he is going to win......

Rebel is in fine shape, fuel used so far is only five and half litres. Food
provisions are holding up. ALL IN ALL we cannot complain. The sailing has at
times been a relevant ion, no more slow boats. THIS boat just moves........
whatever the wind strength.

For now catch you all later. To the girls looking in we will make a date to
contact you on Sunday at home around 1800 hrs. EHB you know the format.

Tim if there is any further information on progress do get in touch.

All best David.