29-11-07 Ships Log

Rebel T
Tim Walsh
Thu 29 Nov 2007 19:59
Well, dear readers,

Last night was a bit of a one, half way through my blog I was called up on
deck as a black squall cloud seemed to want to visit
We changed course and avoided it but it took some doing. Per chance at the
time there was another yacht visible up to the North, it was, " right in
amongst it" as they say. It dropped it blue and white spinaker and it's
mainsail and at one time was completely obscured by the rain and spray.
This was enough to bring about the "fight another day" reflex in me, so we
spend a couple of hours dodging our dose!!

Later in the night we dropped Maximus in favour of the genniker, we did this
at dusk, being mindful that we would not see more monsters creeping up.
Later that night we began to get wind over 25knts, then steady increase to
30knts. I called all hands and we furled the Genniker and unfurled the
genoa, good decision as we had 32/33knts for a while.
I was well off watch by that time but couldn't sleep down below, so I came
on deck and slept fitfully in the cockpit, about 4am up went the genniker
and we were in only 9/11knts for the dawn.
We ran the Starb'd engine for 2 hours for electric and to run the
watermaker, 2 hrs equals 60ltrs, so washing all round!! It also heats the
water, ( the port engine does not).

Mike decided of a sudden that he needed to swim!!, the boat was only making
5knots and we were about to put up Maximus so it was a good time, if such a
statement is possible. I have to say that to swim in the middle of the
Atlantic would never be my cup of tea, but Hey-Ho, it takes all kinds!

It is Anthony's Birthday today, he is 31yrs of age. He rang his wife, Radka
on the Satelite phone, and opened his cards, then decided to something
auspicious to commemorate the day, He jumped over the side and joined Mike
in the madness....Now...I had stopped the engine prior to this for safety
reasons...it wouldn't start again, so after a swim , our resident engineer
and boatbuilder set to on the stab'd engine.
2 faults, one, the stop control has been getting sticky, that was cleaned
and greased. 2 the starter soleniod was found to be sticky, it has been an
on-going issue. We have a new starter onboard, but once tapped a few times
and starting on each occasion I decided that we would not dismantle the
One never knows what new devil may be unleashed. As soon as we get to St
Lucia we will do the job properly, but I would rather live with my devil,
now that I know his face, rather than break something or suddenly be in
bigger trouble, just a broken wire could put the engine out of use. Too big
a risk.

Given the night and the day so far I felt less easy than I had hoped and
slept in the cockpit during my off watch. The crew joking through the day
and Ant's fishing antics helped me drift off, but still it is a long way and
we are just a little boat.

I am glad of having 2 engines and of all the preparations that we underwent,
one of which is a spare new starter motor!

So now it is 16.20pm and dinner is on the way, Ant caught another fish and
so "frying tonight" is being called out by all crew to fits of laughter.
Another favourite at the moment is, " Not now Kay Toh!!" from the Pink
Panther films. THis of course brings on various french accents and much
loved quotes from Peter Sellers films!!

I am an officeurr of thee Leeuur!! Do u ave a leesonce for dis Minky? You
get the picture?

Why for you kick my dog, call him "Piss off"? his name is Rover!!

5 men, all with successfull careers and an average age of 14!!

OK I am off, food is coming and I must sleep before my 10pm watch.

Today's photos still to process.

With Lurve my petit darlings Tim xxx