Ships Log Earth Date 1 June 07

Rebel T
Tim Walsh
Fri 1 Jun 2007 11:24
Dear Reader,

Somehow it is Friday the 1st of June, how did this happen?
All I can think is that it has happened a bit like how I got from 21 to 49,
in the wink of an eye. Once we arrived in Plymouth I began re-writing lists.
This habit is developing into a rather comforting Obsessive Compulsive
Disorder. I may maintain it as the stress levels build, it is a safe place
to go when reality intrudes.
Simply speaking the crew began to work through the lists of things to do,
which is not as easy as it sounds, the problems being that bits of jobs
cannot be completed until the blah blah is fitted but the bolts don't fit
and the chandler needs to order them. In truth progress was made , good
progress and I began to feel quietly confident that matters were under
Rebel has been dogged for some time with a grumbling and to date
unidentifiable problem with the electrics. Using the boat for weekends and
an annual cruise showed the limitations of the electrics but the issue never
really bit although I was vaguely aware that the batteries seemed to last
less between charging. Various electricians had tried their skills at
diagnosis, indeed some had done the best they could to improve matters in
the time allowed!! all in all dear reader, it had become a nightmare to
This issue had worked its way to "priority" during the trip down and the
first thing I did in Plymouth was ask the Marina Manager for the name of the
best electrician in the area, This being a posh yachting area, electricians
of the required calibre should have been available.

Our man was Adrian. Within seconds he was nosing around in the bowels of our
good ship. It was clear that he knew his stuff and summed up in 5 minutes
the entire problem as he saw it. He was horribly accurate. Adrian's problem
was that he was a great boat electrician in a large busy marina and I was a
visitor with a 3 day window ( it having been a bank holiday when we
arrived )with a 5 day problem. I set about winning his heart and bringing
him into the warm bossom of Rebel's heart. Luckily one of his other jobs got
delayed and it was "game on".

The early part of his work was to remove a lot of wiring and to trace the
route and therefore role of other wires. Rebel has twin engines, twin
alternators and is 21feet wide, that leaves plenty of scope for mystery.
Various items needed ordering including some diodes and an Aardvaark. An
Aardvaark is a state of the art smart regulator that can direct charge to
multiple battery banks from multiple sources. We had undertaken to run
wires, remove alternators etc so as to allow Adrian to work at best speed.

Between times we pushed on with other jobs of a more expected nature.

That is where the week went. Today is Friday the first. It is 9am. The
delightful Adrian has been at it since 7.30 this morning and has publically
declared he will not leave Rebel till all is finished. I have stopped
worrying about the electrics because during the course of the week it has
become clear that at last we have found the right man and the electrics will
be perfect come tonight. You cannot beleive the relief and asset that will
be. The worst of the problem has been that throughout the entire saga , my
ignorance of electrics has frustrated me and not allowed me to fully assess
the key points. Anyway, I have faith the deliverance is with us.

The above being true, then the remaining jobs are being chewed through by
my trusted crew. Rupert having arrived yesterday has been tasked with
carrying all things heavy. We just took onboard 7 jerry cans of diesel, by
hand, washed out the forward locker, scrubbed the tail end of the anchor
chain and is about to start scrubbing the deck. I love Rupert.
Anthony who arrived with him has been down in the hull fitting extra bits
for extra sails to fix to. He has removed the liferaft from where I asked
him to fit it at Christmas to where the inspector asked him to fit it.
Designed and fitted an outboard bracket, fitted a shelf unit in Captains
cabin, fitted a protective shelf above the watermaker's first filter and is
about to start fitting a clamp to hold down the 5 new batteries. He hasn't
stopped. Neither will I let him!!. I love Anthony.
Mike is cutting holes in the back of wardrobes to ease the passing of
certain pipes. He has fitted the watermaker back flush, and is assisting
with putting pretty little coloured things in the chain links to aid the
accuracy of measuring how much chain we put out when anchoring. It is a job
that has been on the list since the boat was new, but never been done. Mike
stopped for a second and I capitalised on the situation. I love Mike.
Trevor has been reading manuals and getting things working for the first
time properly. There is a strong possibility that our watts will divide
accurately by our volts so as to give plenty amps. He has sent and received
Rebel and RAM emails via satelite. Kept Tea and Coffee coming. downloaded
GRIBs, ( weather files) so that we can divine the future, ( well next 4
days ). Regarding the next four days, the weather seems to have taken a turn
for the better, currently if weather files are reliable we will have a
blustery but fast passage. The wind direction should allow the use of
Maximus the Spinnaker and his lesser cousins. This means reaching which is
what a cat loves. I love my cat. I love Trevor.

I am going to go now so as to encourage the crew to even greater industry
with kisses and a group hug.

2nd inspection is in about 15mins and I want to ensure the few bits left are

Thw weather in the marina is beautiul. Sunny and a slight breeze. Just
enough to make the flags that Trevor is putting up flutter in a romantic and
alluring style. I love my flags.

Anthony's favouritest singer is Paul Weller (right on ) His best colour is
green and his most favouite tool is a rotary planer, I think that is bloke
talk for a grinder.

Rupert says if he could be any person from history he would want to be Henry
the VIII. His mostest best car is an Aston Martin DB4. He always uses
Colgate tooth paste and would never travel without foot cream. ( yuk!!). His
most treasured possession is his much travelled Tilley Hat which is indeed
on board.

Adrian the electrician, now an honoury Rebel states the following freely and
without duress. His favourite telly program was Howard's Way. When he was a
boy he always wanted to be a sailor. His favourite food is Clotted cream and
his Isle of Scillies hat is his favoured possession.

I want to add that Adrian is wearing paticularly interesting socks today and
they are different to the ones he wore yesterday. He is doing better in that
regard than most of the crew. We need women to bring out the more genteel
aspects of onboard life. If we lack anything at all, it is a degree of
civility to other crew members and a touch more of the soap bar.

Notwithstanding the above we are a valiant and fine crew of proper blokes
doing grown up blokey stuff. Some even eat with their mouths open, now that
is something.

OK got to go. Will be back .

I love you all Kapitan Tim.

To Dominik: next novel delivered!!.