Ship's Log

Rebel T
Tim Walsh
Fri 23 May 2008 03:08

Dear One and all,

Ship's Time is 01.28 the 23rd May 2008

Log reads 2414nm from St. David's Bay, Grenada
St. Lucia, Rodney Bay, 2264nm travelled, our distance to run to the
nearest of the Azores Island's( Flores) just 375nm.

The facts above are in themselves encouraging, but, big but, we have spent
the last 3 days sailing in very fitful wind, at the moment we are due west
of the Arquipelago dos Acores running almost along the 38th parallel, such
has been the lack of wind that achieving 5.5-6knots has been commendable.
At this moment I am able to see the on board instruments and they are
reading, true wind 6 - 7.9 knots west, occasionally just a touch of north
in them, our speed through the water is 4.3 knots, over the ground even more
depressing, 3.1 - 3.3 knots max. So what is the cause of this state of
affairs. The high that we moved over the top of some days ago, has started
to move in direction not eastwards as predicted, but now in a more
Northerly direction, and as our objective is the Azores we can no longer
move around it but have to plug on towards destination moving through the
delights of the weather that accompanies a High pressure area. We have been
experiencing some very warm pleasant days, with lovely blue skies, seas
shimmering in the sun, and performances from a huge number of dolphins that
have not just swam along with Rebel but entertained the crew with back
flips, summersaults and such that have amused all aboard.
That does not though help our current situation, our quickest passage plan
logged gave arrival in the Azores of 15/16 days from departure St. Lucia.
The 16th day was completed at 00.00 hrs , and at our current rate of
advancement with some 400nm to Horta on the Island of Faial, and a negative
current, not positive as all our almanac's show. Our actual arrival in Horta
could be anything from 2/3 days yet. And but for Rebel's ability to sail so
well in very light winds we could take even longer. Over the past 3 days we
have passed some yachts travelling in the same direction quite close by,
and I feel for them, they were wallowing horribly going no where fast. Our
sail combination over the period mentioned has been Maximus, Maximus, with
a little relief from Picasso. (Both Para sail's one 75metres, one 110metres)

The above apart all on board are well, and Rebel is in fine form, our
provisioning for the passage to the Azores factored a 20day duration, just
in case, so food and general provisions may be getting a little basic at
this stage due to fresh vegetables beginning to run out, are a-ok. Some
fresh vegetables are still available, so too some fruit. As you can imagine
it is intensely frustrating to be so near and yet so far, but patience is
now I think the name of the game, and a silent prayer to whosoever controls
the wind in these parts.

We are in spite of current circumstances planning detail, work schedules,
provisioning, fuel replenishment,sail and equipment checks necessary for
our departure from Horta for the UK, to be able to complete all the tasks in
the allocated time available.

On board routine has re-established it self, with watch's coming and going
with the passing of each day. Our friendly fisherman has now taken leave
i.e. no more fish caught, and as Tony remarked we may have to wait another
25 thousand miles before he catches anymore if past performance is anything
to go by. The Man-United V Chelsea game gave a lot of light relief to the
crew as there were two definitive camps on board, and the ribbing by one or
other side was continuous through out the duration of the game and

For now folks that is all ..

On arrival in Horta, I am sure that all the crew mobile phones will be hot
as updates to nearest and dearest are made. Today for the first time in
ages all mobiles phones were being recharged at points in individual cabins
whilst the engines were on there daily run.

To family and friends new and old take care and look after yourselves.

Regards David.