Ship's Log

Rebel T
Tim Walsh
Thu 29 May 2008 07:02

Dear one and all

Ship's time 05.28 hrs 29th May 2008
Log reads 66 nm distance run from Horta, Island of Faial, Azores.
Next destination planned Ramsgate, Kent, England, with a possible stop over
Falmouth, Cornwall, for provisions if required , and crew change,also if

Situation is normal, light winds, however from the NE, 4-9knots, weather
forecast promises a freshening breeze over the next 2/3 days.
Then I believe we may have a good bit more as we approach the western
approaches of the English channel.We are currently motor sailing wind
assistance helps enormously to keep averages up. or put another way David or
Goliath giving a little umpf all helps . One of our crew is anticipating
the arrival of his first child around the 20th of June ( a little girl so we
are told no name decided as yet, with light winds of the past and present
he has been sitting in the starboard scoop stern steps deciding ,
contemplating names, and names..) He has promised the other half that he
will be back in England well before the big day so crew are shall we say
concentrating. If we are a bit behind schedule arrangements have been made
to make a crew substitution.

We are 36hours behind our planned schedule so hope to get some of that back
on this leg.

HORTA, Island of Faial, Azores was a delightful little port, full of
character, and some very friendly and helpful people, Customs, Immigration,
marina / Harbour master , Isobella our provisions lady, all were exceedingly
helpful. Now you may say customs, immigration, never, and as a seasoned
traveller, for the better part of my life all over the world I would from
experiences along the way agree with you, but those in Horta were very
pleasant and remarkably helpful. Horta itself is dominated by the Port and
marina facilities which have been constructed in such a way that they are
very pleasant feature of the town generally. The town itself is not much
bigger (people numbers that is) than Rebel's Home port of Mersea. The Island
of Faial is very green with it's grazing land obviously maintained by the
agricultural industry on Faial. Portuguese life style is atypical, and
Island time abounds everywhere. Shops close for lunch, etc, siesta time is
observed etc etc. And life is treated slowly.
The whole crew I think enjoyed themselves in their short time in Horta, and
would I think have liked to have spent just a little more time enjoying the
Horta lifestyle and its food and drink. However we were in catch up mode and
Rebel needed re provisioning, a few spare parts and tlc in one or two
areas. Then we were off.

The dawn is just beginning to break here, and I can see a red sky forming
below the cloud base, a somewhat calm sea with just a few zephyrs of wind
crossing the water at the moment. Once again though we have had a friendly
visit from the local dolphins during the night. My comment to the boys has
been, " I should be charging a fee for all the marine sighting seeing that
has been theirs over the past week . They have quite simply seen the lot.
And the tours and fees charged in Horta Harbour were noted by all " !!!!!!
It could be a very lucrative side line, sorry Tim no commission, even if
the sat nav tracking system is operational. Inside knowledge and all that I
know where the whales all of them are, so too the dolphins, sharks,
Turtles, birds and jellyfish just to name a few.

Rebel is quietly getting us all back into the watch system which was rather
suspended for three days as we made landfall, and time ashore.
The distance to run from our current position to the nearest point of land
in England is of course the Scilly Islands, and that is just over 1100nm to

Mobile phones of all, myself included were as expected working overtime
during our stay ashore, I for example had the wife, friends from France,
Camaret ( Yes Tim apart from your good self, mentioned to them to keep a
look out for illustrious owner ) , Austria, America, and England. Trying
to moor up along side in Horta and the phone didn't stop ringing, one after
the other, as you can imagine , the conversation was briefly curtailed with
apologies and ring back or I'll ring you etc...
And I was not alone the whole crew were at it.. what the locals thought
about it , as they watched us come in heaven only knows.

For now all you good people out there looking in that's it, I must go , new
things to do , places to go, people to see, after all this the Atlantic.

To Stephanie, Eileen, Allison, Clare, Tim, Colette,Nathan,Roger,
Helen,Hugh,Runi,Peter,Margret,Paul,Bruce and Family,Ellie,Dick and those I
may have omitted, all crew are well and now looking forward to final
landfall in the UK.

Take care and best wishes.