Ship's log..........

Rebel T
Tim Walsh
Sun 4 May 2008 14:39
Dear one and all

Rebel and crew first night on passage, wind 6mph easterly, calm sea,
crystal clear skies, bright stars and phoresance illumination of bow and
stern, didnt expect great sea miles to be achieved. WERE delighted to find
that Rebel had other ideas. We passed Cape Moule & Chique(St. Lucia) at
breakfast this morning, now have Yanbou head abeam. I have just heard helm
cryout 8knots, the wind is very light and fickle but we are massively
assisted by prevailing currents. Crew are busy working out eta ,s etc
possible, probable, maybe, at Rodney Bay our intended stop before heading
west. Sail triming is continous as they will on Rodney bay and yet delight
in Rebel,s response in little increases in speed.

We have no systems failures to report and naturally are delighted at how it
all works on board. Given that this crew have delivered a wide variety of
different yachts ( Falmouth Smack to Italy, Van der Stadt 23.9ton sloop from
malta, a hunter channel 31 to the Canaries, a Lagoon 67 cat in the med, a
Aphrodite( Najad) Ketch to Brittany) all a comparable distance to that we
anticipate having to complete aboard rebel. It is still fasinating to see
how a experienced crew will immediately emphaise with one boat immediately
and yet not another.

REBEL is quite simply putting smiles on the faces of one and all, she is a
delight to sail.

To all those family and friends listening in so to speak Jon, Tony, Barry
(first long ocean trip, despite being the eldest on board still given the
title the boy ) and David are well. Both day and night temperatures are as
expected-hot-hot and hot.

Tim your boat ( not little, has a big heart) is doing you proud. Will
advise you using usual protocol established of any issuses. Hope all is a-ok
in the UK with one and all.

Regards David

PS Thanks Trevor for the tip-understood.