Ships Log Earth date Friday

Rebel T
Tim Walsh
Fri 7 Sep 2007 19:49
Dear Reader,

Rebel is berthed in a marina in Porto Santo, I slept soundly for a whole
night last night. Got up about 9am, what luxury. My list for today was so
short I was worried what I had forgotten. I had to finalise paperwork with
the Immigration Police here, Yesterday I went up to the office with my
perfect set of photostats of everything that an official would wish for if
beaurocrats ruled the world.

Problem 1, The photostat of my passport was for my other passport, not the
real one in my hand. "Pleeze meester Voosh ow eeze zis?" Ask Lorraine, I
don't know she gave me that passport. Reality is I have 2 because I travel
so much and need visas all the time, we got over it but then.
" Pleeze Meester Voosh , zis registratioone Document is not zee origeenal, I
must ave ze oreeeginal"

It got a bit Midnight Express for a few moments. I only had copies, I
remembered instantly that I took the originals back to UK thinking that if
the boat sank or was stolen I would need originals in UK.

I looked serious, crossed my fingers and called to a magpie in my thoughts
then said, "Oh, is it? oh, do you?" I thought that was the original, it
looks the same as the copy.
Truth be told he was a good guy, he said he'd keep the copy until I found
the original. Today I took the "other" original and explained I couldn't
tell the difference, which did he think was the right one? I don't know if
that threw him off the issue or he just was too hot and bored to play the
fool with this stupid but affable Brit. All got sorted and Skipper and crew
remain free.

Please make a note to bring the originals next time, ie the Carribean. We
still have Lanzarote to negotiate, which will not be as easy because now I
know he knows I know he knows sort of thing, and I'm not good at that

I popped into the marina bar after the "Meester Voosh" incident and had a
few pots of tea and a Magnum, the world seemed safer after that.
I wandered back to the boat, the crew have gone off to town to drink beer
and "hang". Rupert has hired a mountain bike and is currently peddling up
the highest volcano he can find. The man is an animal. If only he had a
tattoo.... I am here on my own and listening to Bob Dylan on the onboard
stereo system. I must say that I am enjoying this particular leg more than I
did the Biscay. I put it down to the stress of preparing everything and also
the Biscay reputation, after all those that know me closely know that I am
not trully brave, I am simply not scared of being scared. I have to say that
this whole crossing I felt that the boat was just the best and that we would
be fine. I was strict, (Trevor was strict with me) about sleeping when I
was off watch. The difference was unbelievable. I took half a stugeron at
every watch change and apart from the first 24hrs I was OK. Interestingly I
found that drinking, "yummy boat tea" made me feel sick, this strange. I
drink tea by the gallon normally but at sea this time it definitely upset
me, I suppose that it is made from different water, different tea bags and
yucky milk. Either way for this crossing I only drank coke and evian still
water. apart from the comfort of a hot drink I felt the better for the
change. Hot coffee once in the night watch and Cuppa soups have proved to be
OK so far . Let us see how I fare from here on the next leg!!

I was disturbed yesterday. I rang a number of friends and loved ones to show
off that I had Madeira in sight and felt I was an altogether great explorer,
indeed I went further and proposed that Colombus is overated in the explorer
stakes! I received a message from some friends to say that they were pleased
to know I was an explorer, (I had signed off as Big Timothy Ulysees Colombus
Walsh) . The kind friend just wanted me to know that they had spent the day
out on the salt marshes picking blackberries in their kayaks. I was trumped
even in my glory. Why is life like that? Why are other boys sweets always
better than my ones?. On reflection I still think that I and the gallant
crew are still heroes and it is just life that there are no blackberries

The crew are back, a little the worse for wine. It seems that the Larkin
brothers convinced Domink to jump off the pier then photo'd his feet as he
launched himself into the wild blue in search of peer group approval. Rupert
phoned from the top of a volcano to tell me he could see my house from up
there! apparently the last push was scree. He says he was standing on the
peddles in lowest gear trying to keep the wheels rolling, but he had to
dismount and scramble for the summit, a metaphor for life itself I retorted.
He was not amused and just gasped a lot.

Rupert being a big bad balloon is proposing that we hire quad bikes tomorrow
and explore then island. I am inclined to give it some thought but not to
make hasty decisions.

Well because I have my playmayes back again I am signing off now. Will talk
more tomorrow once we get Mike Broughtons weather report re Sunday

Bye Bye dearest Timothy Colombus Voosh.