One more night until landfall

Rebel T
Tim Walsh
Wed 5 Sep 2007 13:50
33:41.56N 14:07.22W

It is now Wednesday lunchtime, all is well on board. The sun and wind have
deserted us and we are now under engines motoring for Porto Santo in the
Madeira Group of Islands, we have a further 100 miles to go and should be in
port by this time tomorrow. This morning we had a brief visit by some
dolphins and Andy has washed his hair. We passed by a patch of sea that was
only 30 metres deep when all around it is 4,000 metres deep, quite amazing,
but nothing to see on the surface! Other than that there is not much news
from us today. Tim is still promising to do a blog but he feels queasy when
not in the cockpit and so we may have to wait until we are in port before he
posts a blog entry.

More later