Ships log Earthworm Sunday 9th Sept 07

Rebel T
Tim Walsh
Sun 9 Sep 2007 14:35
Dear Reader,
I have a few moments spare prior to setting off for Lanzarote and I thought
that I would write an entry ahead of time instead of always after time. I
do beleive this is a first.
The boat is more or less ready, we have decanted from jerry cans 80 litres
of diesel into the tank which puts the tank full again. Trevor's maths that
we use 2.5 litres per engine when driving under load still holds. It is good
to revisit these figures upon ocassion to ensure all is stable. Rupy Doops
and Andy are off at the shops buying some fresh veg and other perishables,
when they get back we will all go to the marina cafe and have brunch, then
set off.

Mike Broughton, (God bless him) has organised the wind for us again, it is
to go NW by lunch, which means a downwind sail all the way. Parasail,
"Maximus" will fly if all goes well and a fast and comfortable passage
should be made. It is nice to have a comfortable passage .

Yesterday was a bit of a pivotal day.....We went up to the Yamaha dealer in
the town to get some spares for the outboard.....They hired out Quad Bikes.

Well, I don't like to take risks and Quad Bikes are dangerous and any way, I
am not that sort of guy. But voices in my head and devil's talk from Rupert
put me under unfair pressure . Rupert is big and rufty tufty and I am just a
fragile mandarin type guy who doesnt like to make a scene, well Rupert kept
saying, "go on Timmy you'll love it" "Go on Timmy tweak the nose of death!"

Well bad voices started in my head telling me to do things, then the nice
man in the shop mentioned that they were automatic then the devil put a red
haze in my mind and the next thing he made me get my Amex out. Well...
Before I could do anything to stop them, Naughty Rupert, Andy,(who is a nice
accountant man and father of two with a house and wife and everything is an
absolute nutter when he gets voices about Bikes in his head) were showing me
what to do....well.....then I did it. I just did it a little bit a first,
then a bit more , then a little bit more then, well I really started to do
it and fast. I just loved it. It did it all day and I am going to do it
again just as soon as I can!

We set off along the town roads and then went out the back , (as it were)
and into the hills. There are dozens of tracks going all over the mountains.
It was fantastic. We came down TWICE to refill the tanks that the nice man
said would last all day. I cannot describe the pure "Blokish" fun but also
the sense of freedom. We got the bikes back at 7pm. the last minute before
the shop closed. we covered the whole island and went coast to coast. I got
pictures. Then I tore off my shirt in a celebration of life and roared
through the hills in gay abandon.

Roopy rang Mark in the Orkneys and discussed the best Quad for a "bloke
whose legs don't work" Mark luckily is all knowing in these matters and
after a few seconds came down firmly in favour of an Arctic Cat 6 pot deisel
all auto 4x4. Well... when he beast had the word "Arctic" in its name what
could I do. I took it as a sign from the Gods that this beast was for me. I
have ordered a British Racing Green machine to match Colettes AGA and the
Aston. Funny how things wor out isn't it. That old Iridium phone fairly sang
as it rang through to good old England with Amex numbers all a flurry.

Life is a challenge but there are brief moments of pleasure in the hurly
burly of commerce and yesterday was one of them.
Roops and me, (Andy is a it reticent and thinks he will ask Mary first) are
going to "do" The Western Isles on a brace of them next year. Kayaks are
just so yesterday.

OK the boys are back and we are off to brunch.

Plan to leave in an hour or so, will send more later.

I have always wanted to wear leather trousers but couldn't find the
opportunity. All that is now behind me. Lorraine get some catalogues
sorted!! loads of leather and all that new kit.

I tweak the nose of death, ( so long as Rupert is there)

Bye xx Big Tim Ulysees Colombus Quadboy Walsh. What colour should my helmet
be if it going to say the right stuff about me?