Ship's Log

Rebel T
Tim Walsh
Sat 31 May 2008 05:48

Dear all

Ship's time 03.43 31st May 2008
Log reads ex Horta, Azores 331nm run .

We are currently broad reaching in a very light westerly doing 7.6 knots
and more importantly in the right direction. As we climb up the Atlantic
before turning right so to speak for the expected sighting of land of the
Scilly Island , England. Our currant weather is still on the light side and
inconsistent. However we have been able to make something of the weather
patterns currently being experienced.
As I look at the chart every so often I can see real progress towards our
intended destination of the English coast, as the distance on this leg is
considerably shorter than the last, 330+ nm towards destination certainly
makes a hole in that we are attempting to cover . i.e. 1150nm Azores to UK,

The night sailing has been our most productive in sailing terms with a
little stronger winds experienced, and yet the distractions during the night
have been many, with wonderful star filled skies, the milky way in all it's
glory, and shooting stars streaking across the night sky frequently. With a
quarter moon a thin sliver that hovers barely above the horizon the seas are
at one bathed in the moonlight, and yet framed by the glorious heavenly star
filled skies. That in itself would be enough to keep me company as we sail
ever eastwards, yet we have been experiencing the incredible phosphoresce
that makes the sea twinkle as Rebel passes along the way, the stern showing
a luminescence wake that tells of the trail made through the water. Along
comes a pod of dolphins similarly bathed in a halo of luminosity around
their sleek bodies as they streak through the sea leaving a white torpedo
trail behind them. One can clearly see every outline of their bodies
including a tell tale ring around their eyes. It is one of those truly
memorable sights, for Barry on his first ocean (yacht) passage it was a
spell binding moment, that I think he will remember for the rest of his

Life aboard has once again settled down to the regular ship's watch's , and
crew are now more familiar with it are acclimatising to it after the shore
break of Horta quickly.

With some three depressions expected along the way before our arrival of
the English coast our daily sailing considers where we are likely to be as
each depression moves across our path and how best to gain the maximum
benefit from each ones wind strength and direction.
One rather unwelcome fact of our head up the Atlantic is now very evident
to all aboard as I lead the way being the night watch leader with cloths
that are definitely not shorts and T shirts,I have even tried out my new
gear that my wife eileen gave to me for my last Christmas present, a
complete HL Ocean Suit, that and just about all I can get under neath it. It
has suddenly got cold and feels more so to all on Rebel. A mutiny amongst
the crew when one remarked " Tell Tim we don't do cold , we only do warm
seas, warm winds, and hot sun"..... Yeah if only life were that simple.
They have a point though, UK weather,is not what they are looking forward
too, even summer weather if a certain friend called Charles reported in a
text to Jon , something along the lines about how wet and no sun.

I must go folks the wind is picking up and we may need to reef.

To one and all take care of yourselves

Regards David.