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Rebel T
Tim Walsh
Tue 27 May 2008 06:08

Dear One and all

Ship's time 04.46 27.05.2008

Log reads 2795nm from our departure St. Lucia, Rodney Bay

REBEL T and crew have land in sight all be it some way off, but we now have
38nm to run to our destination port of Horta, Azores on the Island of Faial.
We were beginning to wonder if the wind gods, whoever they may be had it in
for us. But we have over the last 24 hours seen so many yachts likewise
struggling with the windless conditions current, on both sides of our selves
approximately tracking between 4 and 12 miles distance from our own course.
Obviously they are heading the same way.

Like our fellow company ( We have counted some 25 yachts) all motor sailing
in the calm seas at approximately 5 knot average.

I expect to arrive at Horta at about 12.00 hrs later today. Due to our
schedule we do not anticipate more than one night in Horta, before we press
on towards our UK destination. A re-fuelling, victuals/stores re-supply, and
R&R at the local cafe/pub is going to be about it with the purchase of a few
spares. Then we are going to work Rebel T hopefully out of the high in this
area and into a more sailable weather pattern to assist our passage to the
UK. Rebel is showing despite the distance travelled, little signs of wear.
Chafe in a few places will be addressed by ending the cordage to relieve
stress showing in one spot on all the sheets and halyards. During the
daylight hours we have whilst motoring yesterday caught up on all routine
maintenance that was required in order to keep everything working as it
should, winches, blocks, the head foil for the furling system for our Genoa
has been completely fixed, after major surgery at the top of the track three
quarters up the mast (another mast trip, all be it in very calm conditions
with truly magnificent views, of blue seas, a cloudless sky, Dolphins
playing on Rebel's bow wave, Pilot whales lazily drifting by, and hundreds
of jelly fish, the Portuguese Man o War, one or two sharks also.) The fix
for the missing pins/lugs was fitted and is holding well, also the cause of
the loss of pins and jamming of the foil was established. Three very small,
quite thick mind you, missing rivets were the culprits, and as a result the
overall track length was considerable reduced enabling the traveller car at
the top to come off the track completely. Fortunately no damage to the very
good Genoa was sustained as the crew released the sail at the top of the
track very quickly in at that time difficult seas, and fresh winds. The
Genoa is now once again furled on the head foil system ready for use on our
next leg to the UK.

Until we leave Horta and are established at sea again this will be the
final ship's log entry for our passage from St. Lucia , Rodney Bay.
A reflection on the passage over the whole has been one of twelve and a
half days with in the main pleasant breezes in the 8 - 18 knot band , and a
occasional squall and sudden gust of between 26 knots and 35 knots on a
couple of nights sailing. As for the rest some 6 and a half days have
supplied us with very light winds, and on a number of 24 hour periods no
wind at all ( 0 - 2.5 knots) The sea state , height of waves and swell has
for most of the passage been slight, and only on one occasion could one
describe it as moderate.

We have seen some wonderful marine life of many different types, and in
huge numbers, even yesterday quite close to our destination we passed pilot
whales, oblivious to Rebel T passing by, a new species of Dolphins visited
and entertained us for an hour or more with their abilities in the water
ahead of Rebel. The clarity of the water made the show a stunning memorable

For my part as we approach land a period of intense activity will start as
we all aboard co-ordinate activities in a new port within a reasonable time
frame to insure that we can depart as quickly as possible for England.
Custom's, immigration, poliza, Harbour/Marina authorities, refuelling,
re-supply provisions are just a few off the list that we hope to complete
later today and tomorrow morning before we again venture out to sea. Before
that I and all the crew will be burning the mobile airwaves as we contact
our nearest and dearest with our tales and to catch all their news.

Tim I will be in touch later today for full report and update as previously

For now folks , to friends and relatives of all the Rebel crew take care

Regards David.