Ships Log 30-11-07 Friday

Rebel T
Tim Walsh
Fri 30 Nov 2007 15:25
Dearest readers,
It has been a slow start this morning.
Last night we were flying Maximus through my watch, 22.00-02.00, we went off
and Trevor and Mike came on.
I couldn't sleep below, this is becoming a pattern, anyway I could tell that
we were moving well and was sleeping fitfully.
About 4 am Trevor called down that he wanted Maximus down due to gusts to
28knts and squalls etc. I was still dressed although on the bunk, so shot up
at best speed as did Jeff.
Up on deck, the seas were bigger than they had been and the wind was 24knts.
Not over the top in itself but dodgy given the squalls. I took the wheel and
the Starb'd winches, Jeff the port winches. Trevor the halyard and Mike,
being heaviest, took the snuffing line.
We started to snuff the sail, but just then of course it gusted 30knts. I
put the boat dead downwind and let go the sheet my side, Mike could get it
down only so far. It was still filling and driving, and screaming in the
wind. Mike put the snuff line round the halyard winch so the sail couldn't
re-fill further. We waited a minute or so, which is a long time and in a
lull Mike wound in on the winch. It came half down but the line was on the
winch wrong and we got a riding turn. Bugger!

Trevor grabbed the snuff line above the winch and yanked like hell, it came
down about 75% and we were OK.
Jeff went forward and the last of the fight was taken out of Maximus. we
sorted the sail and then unwound the winch and riding turn. "No harm done"
as we say. We unfurled the genoa and proceeded at about 7knts, quite fast
enough for the conditions. Jeff went back to bed. I went below but again had
problems sleeping. Rebel was safe with the smaller sail up and so I tried to
think of nice things so as to relax, but came back up about 5am ready for my
6am watch. Most of which I slept in the cockpit. Jeff was feeeling OK and
Anthony despite being called had slept through the whole event!! This did
mean that he was fresh for the morning and so he stood most of this mornings
watch whilst Jeff and I snoozed in the saloon and cockpit.
The wind was by now about 9knts and we were mumbling along at about 4knts!

7.30am ish Jeff thought of boiled eggs!!..Oh Yes!! we said. Jeff went below
and boiled 6 eggs to perfection, but more...he found some strange but
delicious bread type stuff. It was bought in Canaries but is all spanish. It
was a pack of 6 flat round buns. about half an inch thick and a cross
between pita bread and toast. Toasted to nearly burnt on the bottom, ( I
myself have never been burnt on the bottom ) they tasted great with too much
butter. WE SCOFFED THE LOT. Straight down the Cake Hole eggs and all!!

That is the highlight of the day so far, it being 1pm as I write this. We
set up Maximus at about 8.30 and she flies as I write.
Current wind is 18-20 knts but steady and only a few squalls that we can see
and avoid anyway.

Forecaster says that we stay this heading until tomorrow luchtime then head
more West, wind should be slightly stronger but steady in direction and less
squally. Let us hope so.

Today is Jeff's 55th birthday, he is wearing his "70's" tee-shirt, full on
tie-dye. We will try to capture it on camera for your delectation later
He is proudly showing off his birthday cards from family, friends and
daughters. It is notable how important these things become once removed, It
is only 3 weeks sailing but it brings about profound reflections and
feelings of missed loved ones, all the crew are feeling this. I think part
is standard travelling away from home stuff and part is the vulnerability of
the undertaking, it is for me anyway!

It was Anthony's birthday yesterday, Jeffs today, it was Trevor's on the
22nd and will be Mike's on the 16th Dec. All so close together, there has to
be a connection there somewhere.

Sorry about the delay in sending yesterdays pics, but we had to ration the
the email time. Some will follow for today before long.

Love and Kisses, Big Tough Tim xx