Ship's Log

Rebel T
Tim Walsh
Thu 8 May 2008 04:20
Hello to all those looking in.

Departed St. Lucia Rodney bay just over 35 hrs ago, seems like another
world as the crew settle in to the ship's routine (watch 's)
The weather forecast for our departure advised light to moderate easterly
winds with occasional showers. Actual gave us a easterly 13-17 knots with a
slight sea and swell. The wind for a while went south easterly and declined
in strength. For our first night at sea after moving up from Grenada it was
a ideal gentle break in for everyone to adjust to the on board watch's. Jon
and Tony have very quickly become one with Rebel, Barry being new to ocean
sailing (long distances ) is finding his sea legs so to speak, catching up
fast and I think very much enjoying himself. As for myself checking weather,
revising the routing to make the most of same or not as the case may be,
daily check of boat etc, review the navigation with my backup, a little
coaching to obtain the best out of all aboard. Standing my own watch, so my
own routine is also re-established.

Rebel is performing so well at the moment that the more experienced members
of the crew keep pinching themselves to assure themselves, that a, this is
for real, and b , asking themselves is this too good to be true. Rebel has
since leaving St. David's, Grenada logged just over 400miles. We are at
present some 165 miles to the east of Antigua & Barbuda, heading North East
at a average speed of 8.3 knots. The winds are, on our 2nd night at sea,
proving to be very inconsistent, with a range of 10knots at low, to 21 knots
at high. Oh and rain showers, quite a few. Thankfully the sea state has
moderated so our overall performance is much as our first night at sea.

Tim our outline passage plan still looks good, and we are tracking just
slightly north of our outline , not a bad thing in it self as we are
attempting to move north wards as quickly as possible.

We have no systems failures to report on board. Starboard heads seems to
have a issue with back flooding , we will investigate first light.

All aboard are well and beginning to get a quite serious tan.

Ok clues to interpret my last Log are as follows A) Phosphorescence and

To the last line above - The Mrs reads these things and I hear no end of
it, spelling errors etc, punctuation etc Quite apart from typing on a laptop
at sea as Rebel skims through the waves making 8 something knots.

I think Tim has the right approach, he claims absolute muppertry with all
things IT and in dealing with same.

WE will log our position report tomorrow as per usual. For now best wishes
to all