Ship's Log

Rebel T
Tim Walsh
Thu 15 May 2008 05:42

The light wind sailing is I think over, we went over the top of the high
that was giving us such light and variable winds We have found our first Low
pressure system. The advent of its coming was a night of incredible squalls,
Electric storms, and lightning that gave a truly incredible light show for
some 4 hours. Very "close encounters of a third kind" . After the night had
given us torrential rain, quite flat sea as a result of the rains force .
Sail changes were many,wind direction going around the clock, with three
different combinations of sail plan and there various reefing requirements.
We rather suddenly found ourselves with conditions more akin to the English
channel or even the Blackwater.And temperatures that had been around 36
degrees , now less than 24 degrees, all he wet gear suddenly appeared.
However Rebl T started to show what she was really capable of and we
established our first 200nm run.

We are now approaching 30 degrees north and have on the ship's trip log now
more miles covered than that still to do before we arrive in the Azores. It
is a huge physiological event and crews always start to feel that
destination is now on when that milestone has been passed.
Rebel is at this moment reefed down (two, and with a very reduced foresail)
but 8.5 knots are being achieved with winds coming from the NE at between
15 - 24knots , with the slightly heavier puffs at around 26knots the clock
goes to around knots. But overall averages are within the 7.5 - 8.5 area.
With the winds of last night/yesterday/now, we are very obviously moving
with the traditional low pressure system and its general wind direction.

I hope to take advantage of this to take Rebel up to the Azores . Only time
will tell if the plan works. Seas are not at this moment very large, rather
confused, which is a little more trying to sail with to ease the boat
through the waves sympathically, whilst still maintaining boat speed and
general compass direction.

For other events of note, we have seen a lot of ships during the night
sailing, and even the yachts from the Antigua race week who are also making
there way back to Europe/UK . Tim we passed them leaving them on our port
side 48 hours ago with the then choppy short seas they were not able to
drive with the same degree of smoothness as Rebel.

Evidence of Rebel's ability to move with the wave motion sympathically were
demonstrated last night/morning when a large cutter rigged yacht passed us
going south, she was rolling all over the place and for her crew life on
board was I am sure a little challenging.

All systems aboard Rebel are a-ok and to date all are working properly. I
do suspect that the starboard side winch located on the mast will need a
good clean when we arrive in the Azores, as I can feel the pawls beginning
to stick, and engage occasional intermittently. Not a issue that can't be
fixed by current crew. Again all the spare parts and necessary
grease/lubricates are on board.

PS we are aware of the ship's master and owner's milestone shortly, and
will celebrate it accordingly in his absence. Have a great day Tim wherever
you find yourself.

To all the girls at home Clare, Eileen, and Stephanie , very good to hear
from you all, and that all is well. Clare you would have found Rebel
exhilarating. Hope all goes well with your plans.

To one and all Look after yourselves.

Regards David