Ship's Log

Rebel T
Tim Walsh
Tue 13 May 2008 20:36

The end of our first week at sea has seen a mix of weather , wind, and sea
conditions. A quite normal sate of affairs even for those land lubbers
looking in , especially friends in the UK . The weather is a known lottery
if nothing else , and most mariners will be able to describe both
frustrating, idyllic, and those occasions when wind and weather are of equal
measure at times wonderful and again a little testing. We have in the main
experienced wind and weather of a generally mild nature , and some that have
been truly memorable. At times very hot (36.9 degrees Celsius) and humid,
life on board for one or two nights have been like living in a sauna.nd the

To-date we have observed some fascinating aspects of nature in cloud
formations and marine animals , fish, birds, and such like. Flying fish seem
to abound daily and the common occurrence of Flying fish hitting Rebel's top
sides, even landing on aboard have been common. They are tiny in size and
are incredibly delicate. Our fishing expedition previously recorded has not
been repeated I regret to say as the rather fine dolphin fish was delicious
and produced no less than eight very good size steaks.

The sea conditions have ranged from as flat as you might like to describe
it, to moderate chop, with corresponding swell. Today after a fine sail in a
moon light sky last night with rebel reaching at around 7-10knots for 10
hours we have had a good days sail with Picasso a 72 sq. metre parasail
hauling us directly towards the Azores at around 8-12 knots in moderate seas
with winds in the 15 - 22 knot range. Blue skies shimmering seas , a day to
be glad to be alive on this earth. Or as some might say a tough day at the
office......... Tim on such a day thanks for asking me to help you get
your boat back to the UK , such sailing days when wind , weather , etc are
all just right are rare. It will be remembered.

So where are we in the grand scheme of things, 1,175nm down track on our
journey back to the UK seven days sailing at a average of 167nm daily
despite the rather light winds experienced. The Azores our first stop on
route to the UK, and W. Mersea is now 1,300nm away. A possible 8 days
sailing time using our average so far. Again the vagaries of the wind and
weather are known to all. at sea or on the land.

Rebel has been a real pleasure to sail , ok I know that I am generally
known as a multi-hull freak, not quite true, we have been privileged to sail
some very fine mono hulls over the past few years and I for one have
thoroughly enjoyed them all. But that apart yes I do and always will have a
fondness for a well thought out fast multi-hull, they can be very exciting
to sail. And Rebel is very definitely not slow.. has avery extensive sail
wardrobe that enables her to maximise her sailing abilities.

Within her on board accommodation are some notable items, a very fine water
maker, a true blessing on such a voyage as this, (Tim no pun intended) and a
huge fridge, I use this term lightly here, as one puts anything wthin its
vast hold and it immediately becomes a frozen object, again on such a
passage a good fridge/freezer is a real boon. Rebel's is a magnificent

The growing crew confidence in Rebel's abilities are now inducing thoughts
of not just the Azores, and what that they may like to do there, a first for
some of them, but further down route, and what they would like to buy Tim
and Collette to drink in the W. Mersea Yacht Club, on completion of this

We have awhile to go before that but it is the crew way of saying this boat
they do like immensely.

To all our family and friends , old and new , the ship's compliment are
well and look forward to seeing one and all once again upon our arrival in
home waters.

Tim I trust that you received my last e-message.

Regards David.