27-11-07 Ships Log 10.24 am

Rebel T
Tim Walsh
Tue 27 Nov 2007 12:10
Dear readers, good morning.
Colette rang a few minutes ago, with news from the real world!!

As I sit at the nav station typing this, forward and on the port side I have
an, "up close and personal" view of Mike on deck devoid of clothing. He has
stolen the washing up liquid and is engaged in matters of a personal nature.
Having been discovered by the crew he is now being subject to all manner of
comment concerning his personal stature. "little stack of buttons" comes to
mind as the first bucket of cold water is poured over his head.

Mike is the first to wash this trip but others are considering their
positions in that regard. Bit by bit we are all gettig our stomachs back and
feeling more normal. Anthony cooked the best meal so far last evening. It
was chicken breast with fresh peppers, garlic carrots and rice , all cooked
to perfection. The whole crew gave thanks. Jeff then washed up, the whole
crew sat in the cockpit at once started sniffing....there was a beautiful
smell of lemon coming from the galley? it was the Fairy liquid Lemon
fragrance. we stood around the sink and all went...Aaaah!

Tummies started rumbling about 5am this morning. Ant visited the facilities
after dawn and returned triumphant, after an early morning Cuppa Soup, (we
have 120 on board) Jeff made his intentions public, we wished him well as he
went below, "to do". Good Man that he is he declared success. Shortly after
Ant was seized by the need a second time. The crew were ecstatic! Down he
went up he came...yes...no?..yes? YES!! Hurrah !a hearty cheer thoughout
the good ship.
Mike then stepped up to the line. WE all wished him best of luck and sat
around anxious and expectant, then the hoped for toilet pump! did he? didn't
he? could just have been a wee? we speculated. he ascended the starb'd
steps, turned and stood in the companion way....A BIG YES!! Oh but the crew
went wild!!

I find myself nursing a definite pressure, but don't want to derobe various
layers and then face the demons of seasickness "down below" unless fairly
certain of a positive result. My best guess is that the next few hours will
prove significant.

Water is being consumed, but not at 3ltrs per person per day. Certain crew
members were adamant that 3ltrs per day was minimum. Trevor is ahead with
his 4th bottle opened, then Ant with 3rd on the go. Jeff,Tim and Mike are
level at 2nd bottle opened. Could do better but the above does not include
hot drinks and coke, of which Jeff and I are supping generously.

We can see Cat-man-do off to port about 4 miles. No dramas last night for
them, so that is good news. Over the VHF we can hear yachts calling other
yachts, but getting no answer, a clear sign that boats are spreading out.
Last night at dusk there were 6 yachts visible but this morning only 4.
It puts one in mind of how people drift apart in life, just little yachts on
life's vast ocean.

Wind is about 17knts NE ad we are making about 7 to 8knts SW flying
Maximus, who by the way was flown all night. We will run the engines today
to charge the batteries, we need to top up the bananas that work everything
and live in the box with the aardvark battery system. During the day the
solar panels make bananas but we tend to use a bit more than they make, this
was expected and so we brought extra diesel for charging purposes. When we
run the engines we will run the watermaker for the first time for real as it
were. Anthony wants first shower if all goes well. He has a thing aout being
clean, quite odd, but a nice guy all the same.

The seas have calmed from 2 to 3 metres to about 1 or 2metres and so
wee-wee's are no longer the issue they were yesterday, intriguing how life
moves on.

Today is sunny and warm so layers will be shed and sunblock will be te order
of the day me thinks.

OK. I am off to my bunk for 4 hrs sleep. bye bye xx