Ships Log Earthworm Monday 10th Sept

Rebel T
Tim Walsh
Mon 10 Sep 2007 20:51

Good afternoon lone reader, thank you for being there.
I just read through yesterday's log, There has been an astounding response
from unexpected quarters regarding my humble missive of yesterday. I
understand Mary to have been luke warm regarding Andy, "doing" The Western
Isles with Roops and me on mega quadbikes with black leathers and a thermos
and sandwiches. My chick will be coming, well I hope so, if not I've got
Rupert, but I won't share Rupert.
It is clear now, it is black and white, me and Rupert are heroes, ploughing
the seas of the planet in search of adventure, ploughing through life in
search of questions worth asking.

Andy is definitely heroic, but needs a bit more persuading. Dominik rode
pillion with me as we roared through the sleepy town of Porto Santo
yesterday, all our clothes just falling off as we rode. It was all a bit
crazy really. Trevor was amused but not overly so.

That is all behind us now, back to the present. We are motoring at about
7ish knts SSE direct towards the Northern tip of Lanzarote, which is
112miles away.

Yesterday, once we set off the wind was as predicted NW at about 12 knts. We
unfurled the genniker and ran for an hour or so, until we were out of the
shadow of Madeira then being as the wind was steady and much the same, we
hoisted Maximus. Maximus flew till halflight. We could have left it up but
the wind had become fickle and there were black clouds building here and
there. There were only a few ships but all the same, given the above and the
awkwardness of changing course quickly if Maximus is up, we changed back to
the roll genniker. No main, we had left the main zipped up since we set
The night passed more or less without incident. 2 ships crossed us at the
same time but were 3 and 4 miles off. We had rain showers some quite hard
and all the seats got wet so that when you sat down your bum soaked it up,
but being dark you felt it with your bottom rather than saw it beforehand
with your eyes. No comment. As dawn approached (7am ish) we were down to 3
or so knots and just too slow, so I put the port engine on and we motored
along at 5.5knts. The Starboard engine which is under my bed had been
smelling a bit rubbery the last night when we turned it off, so yesterday
evening I opened up the inspection hatch and took a look and a sniff. There
was too much black dust around the fan belt and upon closer examination the
pivot bolt for the alternator had wound itself out. It was dark and 2am so
I left it till this morning's watch change and we re-fixed it once it was
light. Thereafter we ran under both engines so as to make our current 7.5
knts and to get on and get there.

We saw our first sea turtles today, we had indeed seen a number of them,
thinking they were old sacks or somesuch, then one poked its head up to get
a better look at us and was thereby identified as a turtle. sweet!!. We
spied, (Trevor spied) a possible whale today. we all saw it as a grey bubble
shape , rather like a car bonnet or top half submerged, then as we got
closer it moved, quite a big hooked fin showed and it rolled under the
water. Andy's battery was dead but I think Dominik got a picture of Andy not
getting a picture. That will be great for the album.

I am bound to say that lunch today was cooked by Andy, so thanks for that
Andy. We had ham and cheese and odd bits omelette. Discussion at the table
turned to religion and we were all astounded to hear from Andy that until
400 years ago when the Vatican re-re-wrote christianity, that Mary Magdelene
was not a prostitute at all but a equally inportant apostle, further says
Andy, there was a Magdelene Gospel but it got written out becuse it didn't
fit comfortably with the propaganda of the age. Trevor said that Jesus
actually meant, "Mr" and that he was Mr Christ to his peers. (similarly the
"Che" in Che Guaveerrea means Mr) Anyway that led us on to the Romans, Now I
hate the Bloody Romans so it all got a bit passionate. Bottom line is I
would have preferred to see the progeny of Boudicca on the English throne
than have the Bloody germans and central heating. WEll, I ask you! wouldn't

I forgot to mention that we have established a Rebel ritual, it occurred by
chance the other evening at the marina bar in Porto Santo. We were sitting
around like discoverers do, thinking about getting the bill, when I reminded
my crew that we hadn't had dessert!!! Well after all we are British, ( apart
from Dominik who is Czech, but does at least speak english ). Rupert in
Gallant mood mooted , "triple Brandies all round!!"

Well, I nearly cried with skipperly pride to hear him, but in all honestly
we were sailing the next morning and I had young Dominik to think about. ( I
often think about young Dominik ) Andy motioned "Coffee all round" But
these fine thoughts had all missed the point, Dessert!. Being something of a
Solomon myself along with other virtues, I hit upon the perfect solution.
"Nice Lady" I called, "Nice Lady " Please may we have 5 brandies, 5 coffees,
( one with a lot of milk because of my tummy ) and 5 Magnums!! Well such a
sight you never did see.

5 burly world sailor types roaring away telling lewd girly jokes like proper
Brits abroad, sipping coffee and dipping Magnums into Remy Martin.

The local yachtsmen were positively agog. We showed them the Nelson touch
that night alright. We took it in turns to toast various and varied matters
that were dear to our hearts, all standing up with a freshly dipped Magnum
roaring, " No Babies!!" in chorus. I was as proud as any skipper could be

Next day at the last lunch prior to departure, we all became Magnum
Brothers at the table, ( some of the crew were a little reticent ) I ordered
Magnums all round and when they were all opened and a little licked we
jioned lollies at table and declared ourselves brothers indeed, rounded off
with our very own war cry.... "No Babies". All was well with the world . My
crew were Valiant.

I know I speak on behalf of all my crew when I say that not a man jack among
us wants to miss the first toast in Lanzarote, and rightly so!

I think that's about all for now as I am eating into my sleep time. Weather
tomorrow says our man will be NE 8-10knts. so all seems well as I go below.

OK speak soon Love and chocolate kisses. Timothy Big Skipper Ulysees
Colombus Quadboy Walsh.XXXX

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