More wind and rain

Rebel T
Tim Walsh
Thu 6 Dec 2007 20:43
Hi Everybody,

I am afraid that you have me, Trevor, writing again today, the current
weather is expected to calm down by tomorrow evening and then Tim will
resume blogging.

I want to let everybody know that we are all fine and that Rebel is handling
the conditions perfectly. We had 45kts of wind briefly over Wednesday night
with the wind consistantly in the thirties. This has continued all day and
we have just had a weather advisory that we can expect winds in excess of
50kts tonight. This is a big wind and the waves have now built up, but
Rebel and all crew are OK. We have heard from a boat 100 miles ahead of us
(Cat Man Do, our friendly rivals) that they have now cleared the tropical
front and have wind around 15kts. If you are also following Cat Man Do you
will see that they didn't report a position today, this concerned us but we
now know that it was because they forgot! They are fine.

Tim will resume blogging tomorrow.

Take care