0-12-07 Ships Log

Rebel T
Tim Walsh
Sun 9 Dec 2007 22:11

Dear readers,

Fingers crossed it looks nice out!!

Just a short blog this evening, it is a bit lumpy still but very much more
like it.

I spent my time tonight sorting the pics for you as I know they are well
received "round your way"

It rained all last night and blew , but less so than previous nights. But
the rain was torrential and drizzle, it just never let up, it was raining as
dawn came up.

Jeff and I came up with a system of defying it when not on the wheel.
Soaked in our own oilskins, we lay on the soaked cockpit seat with our head
resting on a coil of wet rope (Hood on ) and placed a second oilskin jacket
over our body and head.
This second skin kept off the chill of the wind and kept the face dry.

Underneath this jacket you could close your eyes and transport yourself to a
different world.

We could not stay below as we had to have the door shut to keep the rain
out, this meant that even a shout wouldn't reach those inside, so......they
had to stay outside. The wind was up and down and sail needed tending.

We could not stand another bowl of porridge and so our watch had Shredded
Wheat this morning, it brought out the sun.....about 10ish ,( Full light is
10am on ships time, because we are running GMT but as we have gone so far
west we are 3 ime zones before UK with regard to light and dark)..so after
Brekkie, the sun came out, we aired stinkin, steaming oilskins and bodies.
Up went the genoa cautiously. We ran the starb'd engine to give us hot
water, then all showered, paying particular attention to some private but
important regions.
" Anyone seen my Canestan"

AS the afternoon progressed we unfurled the Genniker and relaxed. Mid
evening Anthony wired up the iPod..
...."Now that's what I call music" " Got any Abba?"

We sighted a smallish fin whale today, I was terrified , it was two thirds
the length of the boat.

Jeff, comfortingly was my side of the fence, he was worried. Mike was
intrigued Ant wanted to fight it!!

I discovered that I prefer my big whales to have David Attenboruogh between
me and it....and a telly screen!

Trevor has just come down and said there is a black cloud coming, but
nothing on the radar....

Ant and I are going topside to be ready to lower the sail in favour of the
genoa for the night.

See you tomorrow XXX Tim 21.44pm Sunday 9th Dec ...