Ships Log Earth date 6th June 07

Rebel T
Tim Walsh
Wed 6 Jun 2007 13:18
44:23.80N 09:31.36W

Well, good morning reader.
I may have to be brief this morning because it is quite lumpy. It is blowing
force 5 with gusts and rising, (but expected ) We have been making good
progress during the night but having decided to "Stand On" like true Brits,
we got a few uncomfortable sleigh rides from Maximus which we had decided to
keep up all night. We took it down. in the early hours we were getting a bit
too boisterous and when its pitch black and surf is shouting at you from the
transom, something inside goes a bit liquid and reveiwing earlier decisions
comes to mind with astonishing clarity. We did our normal of replacing
Maximus with the Genniker. I have to say that all crew and especially myself
are developing warm feelings for the Genniker. I used to despise it because
it would roll out and then refuse to roll back in. That can be a right
basket. but earlier this season we put more time and money into the problem,
got some good advice and now it is tamed and more importantly predictable.
We are getting hit by waves that slam into the port side and make your
muesli slop about alarmingly. Not quite the Bruce Lee death stab but hints
of it.
Anyway the genniker came down about an hour ago and we replaced it with full
genoa. The wind is still 25knts from NE which is our port quarter. we are
doing about 7-8knts but then sledging across the wave faces at some knots

Last night was fairly busy. we spoke to a ship called the Cape America which
we ID'd from the AIS radar. it was steaming at 27knts straight at us.I just
asked him if he had us on radar. He did not answer directly but said he
would keep a good watch and took down our co-ordinates and course I let him
know that we were one of 21 that were wending their way along this course.
Then on Trevor's watch we encountered a factory ship with 4 large fishing
vessels running to it offloading fish. we were right in the middle, but
luckily they must have had us on radar as they steamed straight at us but
when they got to 2 miles of us they steered hard away so as to make a
visible sign of change. Very profesional, we were appreciative.
When I came up on deck at 6am we had the Genniker up as I said and were
beginning to establish our plan for rounding Cape Finnestaire It is one of
those commitment decisions. Other yachts were doing the same and asking each
other about conditions etc.
Up to this point I had thought to take the safe route outside the shipping
lanes approx 50 miles off the Cape. We received an email from our weather
router man who said it should be 40 knts off the Cape from the right quarter
and to go for it to get a last blast towards the finish. I declared I would
rather eat my own feet than go into 40knts. So I rang him.... He has a plan,
he feels that 40 was excessive and 30 or so might be more the truth.
I quizzed him a bit but must say I did feel the Devil rising in me. We
would get the worst out of the way before dark and we would gain over a 100
miles short cut on the other boys.....Let us hope the Devil does inded look
after his own, and his mates. We are going inside.
I have told myself that the boat is good and strong and we are going with
the wind and waves. I have had more wind than this before and so has Trevor,
so it is Stand up and be counted time. That creepy little competition thing
may be playing a part, and wouldn't it be great if....

As I always say," if you aren't on the edge, you are taking up too much
space"then I say, " We on Rebel don't take pills or vitamins or all that
stuff, We get up in the morning and take a big helping of life!!"

Ok I am off now as I am getting a bit queasy despite " 'alf a Lazerus down
me throat ". Brekkers was Bacon sarnies from Colettes boxes and so far it is
still down. I intend to keep it that way.

Many dolphins this am.
Song phrase for the moment: Leonard Cohen-" Come on back to the War. lets
all get Nervous"
Just love that man, my kind of messed up.

Stay Golden. Tim xx